JJT Portal Help

About this portal

The JJ Thompson customer portal is a secure interface accessed via our website. It has been designed to make your life easier by simplifying many of your day-to-day tasks, including:

We can also use the portal to deliver your digital models, plus any other files that your practice may require. Files are available to view online using our free 3D online viewer, which is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. You can also download files for your own records.

If you are using our Smile3D or Indirect Bonding systems, we can notify you that work is ready to review. We will send you a direct link to your patient’s file, for you to view and approve.

Customers using Smilefile digital study models and PAR scoring service can view, store and download files and documents from the portal.    

Forgotten password

Forgotten your password? Click on the ‘forgotten password’ link on the login screen. You will then receive an email asking you to reset your password.

If you know your current password, click on ‘change password’ to change it to something more memorable if you wish.


The dashboard is your at-a-glance guide to current cases. You can quickly review any cases that you’ve submitted to JJ Thompson, as well as any inputted cases that have not yet been submitted to the lab.

From the dashboard, you can view the three working areas of the portal.       

Cases requiring your attention

This pane displays any cases that have been sent or returned to you by JJ Thompson and require your attention. This could be a Smile3D or indirect bonding case that requires review, or it could be a request from the lab for more information.

Submitted cases

This pane displays the latest cases that have been submitted to JJ Thompson. It offers an at-a-glance view of the work currently being undertaken by our laboratory for your practice.

Unsubmitted Cases

This pane displays any cases that have been entered into the portal, but have yet to be submitted to JJ Thompson. Cases stored in this area can be edited to add further information or files prior to submitting them to the lab. It is possible to remove any unsubmitted cases if they are created in error by clicking the cross next to the case name and confirming in the next dialogue box. Please note that cases in this area cannot be seen or acted upon by JJ Thompson, and any cases that are removed from this section cannot be recovered.

New Cases

To make sure you don’t submit cases in error we have built a three-step submission process.

Step 1 - create the patient case by entering name or ID number or both.

You can place a new order for an existing patient by using the auto-complete facility. As soon as you enter an existing name or patient number, you can link to an existing patient.  

Step 2 - check the patient’s information, delivery date and order and add any file required for the case. Click ‘save’.

Please allow time for your files to be uploaded. The ‘uploading’ message will disappear when this is complete.

Step 3 - displays all of the information that you have added regarding your case, and allows you to make a final check.  At this point you can revisit previous steps by clicking ‘edit’ which will allow you to revise your data if needed. Once you are happy, click ‘submit’ to send the order to JJ Thompson.

Click ‘download PDF’ if you wish to print out a copy of your prescription sheet, or save it to your own files.  


The cases page allows you to search and filter all of the cases that have been sent to JJ Thompson, including cases that have been closed/completed. You can filter cases by state (i.e. completed cases or cases that require attention) and by the patient name.

You can sort the results further by clicking on the table header to organise them in date or alphabetical order.


This form can be used to contact JJ Thompson regarding any queries or issues you may have. This will send an email to a monitored mailbox and we will respond to your query as soon as we are able to.


This is a storage area where you can access files including customised prescription forms or viewing software, should you require them.

Using the Online Model Viewer

A main feature of the JJ Thompson customer portal is the ability to view your models in 3D in your browser. When a case is open simply select the ‘view models’ option and after a few moments the viewer will automatically open and display your models. The viewer is compatible with all browsers on Windows and Mac, as well as on mobile devices including Android and iPhone for viewing on the go.

Please note that model files can be large and data charges from your mobile carrier may apply.

 The controls for the viewer are:

Rotating the model: Hold left click and move the mouse over the models (PC/Mac). Hold the model and swipe for mobile and touch devices.

Zooming: Scroll wheel up to zoom in, scroll down to zoom out (PC/Mac). Pinch to zoom using two fingers on mobile and touch devices.

Panning models: Hold the Ctrl key, hold left click and move the mouse to pan the models on the screen. Panning not available on mobile or touch devices.

The model names at the top right hand side of the viewer enable you to toggle the visibility of the models, red indicating that the model is invisible, and green indicating that the model is visible.